Monday, October 26, 2009

beef, mashed potatoes and yummy sauce

Just last week I was telling Simon that I didn't mind staying for the sauce class at work because I felt I didn't know much about sauces... He was so puzzled. What? You can make any sauce, with eyes closed. You are talking nonsense...

Well, tonight I did a sauce and it was yummy.

I had a crazy day. Mondays are always crazy but today was even more because of my (stupid) idea of posting a job offer on Kijiji and saying that it was ok to contact by phone. Oh my. I will dream of the phone ringing. I decided to leave a bit past 5pm (that is early for me...) because I just couldn't handle the constant ring and the fact that I just could not answer it with a very annoyed voice as I did not know whom it could be...

I really wanted to treat myself. A good, gooooood meal that would make me happy in a restaurant. Thick, tender, juicy, meaty, tasty beef. And mashed potatoes to make Simon happy.

Oddly, the beef (which was delicious) came from Superstore. It was Angus, at least 2 inches thick, nicely marbled. The only butcher near my job is Saslove's and I am annoyed/scared by the shopkeepers' attitudes, so I just try to keep away.

I did a quick sauce with mushroom stems & French shallots fried in butter. Then I added the wine that I took to deglaze the searing pan, reduced, strained, added butter. Heaven and just so easy.

Potatoes were also great. I kept some peel on as I boiled them, mashed them quickly, added finely chopped French shallot + fresh rosemary (that is still beautiful and growing like crazy in the garden!!!) and of course, a solid lump of butter.

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