Monday, October 12, 2009

bacon, celery and blue cheese soup

My mother came by today and dropped off some celery.
As she lives alone, she doesn't cook that much and feels like some food items may go to waste if not shared.

So I made a soup and brought her some, her own little portion. Then the rest was frozen in convenient lunch portions - we have quite a impressive soup collection going, i love the choices in the morning as we pack up to go to work.

1 whole celery (I had some, she had some, it adds up...), roasted, chopped
6-7 slices bacon, cut into small pieces
2 yellow onions, chopped
3 baby carrots, chopped
3 bulbs garlic, rough chop
1 yukon gold potato, coarsely chopped
1.5 litres chicken stock, or vegetable stock
1/3 cup vermouth
1.5 inches blue cheese (a good square chunk)
1/2 cup milk or cream (I put in coffee cream as I don't like it too creamy)
small bunch of flat leaf parsley, thinly sliced
salt and pepper to taste

Start by roasting the celery in the oven, leaving the branches whole. Let the celery cool down, take out 'the strings', it makes for a smoother soup.

Then cook your bacon. With a slotted spoon, remove the pieces of cooked bacon - keep the fat!!
On medium heat, cook the onions until translucent in the bacon fat. Add the garlic, cook a bit more. Add the carrot, potato and celery, cook for about 8 minutes more. Add the Vermouth, reduce. Add the stock and let it bubble away until the vegetables are tender - then blend until smooth with a robocoupe or blender.

Return to soup pot and add the cheese, cream and water if necessary to get the right consistency. Season with salt and pepper, add the chopped parsley just before serving. Top with the cooked bacon, enjoy!!!


Anshika said...

A nice, creamy and healthy soup. Working people have to manage with simple food which take less time to make and are healthy. I am one of those. I loved the soup.

Christine Darling said...

This sounds amazing! Saw you on Food Gawker.

nurturing said...

Thanks for this recipe! I have a question about the garlic. Do you really add 3 bulbs of garlic?! I love garlic and have been known to add way more than is called for, but this seems like way too much, even for me.

I am going to use some of your ideas for this soup (can't add bacon because of the vegetarians in the family), but will only add a few cloves of garlic, not even a whole bulb.

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Oh my....Now I am not much of a soup person but I could devour that I'm sure in 2 seconds! Looks absolutely delicious!

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