Wednesday, September 16, 2009

soup and chutney and beets and pasta and stuffing...oh my!

i came home from work today and felt totally exhausted.
i took a nap and then woke up in the body of a little robot-cook.

i really had to do something with my tomatoes. so they turned into a chutney.

then, from the corner of my eye, i saw the butternut squash.
into the oven. with the beets. with the fennel.

the beets will be for tomorrow night. i am thinking of a salad.
the squash will be transformed into a filling. it is now all cooked and pureed and ready to go into little pasta shapes.

the fennel went into a soup that was my dinner.
and it was so yummy.
i cooked some onion, then added some apple cider, some leftover Viognier, then added some apples, partially peeled, celery, the roasted fennel.

i let it cook down and added some chicken stock, finished it with cream.


tomorrow, butternut squash pasta. i made the pasta tonight and will roll it out with simon when we come back from work...

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