Sunday, September 13, 2009


i started my day by going to a farm just a few minutes from my house.
Le Potager Eardley is the cutest farm ever, they sell a lot of veggies, seem to always have strawberries and raspberries, sometimes blueberries... they also sell jams, pickles, chutney and fresh baked pies.

the best part, for me anyways, are the little animals up the hill.
my dreams of bunnies are satisfied a few minutes from home :)

i came back with squash, little hot peppers, patty pan, carrots, corn, strawberries, yellow bell peppers...yup, i came back with my arms full.

i decided to use a bit of everything in our dinner...
we had wonderful butternut squash risotto, creamy delicious.

and some scallops with a medley of veggies... and BACON!!!!
i diced some potatoes, shallots, sauteed (in bacon fat!) and then added patty pan, fresh corn, green beens, edamame.
again, fine seafood from the Whalesbone.

we ended the evening with strawberries for sweet dreams.

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