Saturday, September 12, 2009


carley and i escaped briefly from work at lunchtime and went to the Whalesbone's sustainable oyster and fish supply, i could not resist buying the pickerel...

although i almost cried when i saw the price tag, it was well worth it.
the flesh was so firm, not one bit slimy and it smelled like...nothing. that is perfection.

we started off our evening with beautiful carrots from Bryson Farms.
They have a spot on the Parkdale Market on Fridays and Saturdays (i think! Fridays for sure) and it is sooooo worth buying from them. i believe they also sell at the Lansdowne park market over the weekend. Their veggies do not compare.

we also thinly sliced some beautiful tomatoes to savour with some maldon salt and fresh pepper.

i prepared simon's favourite potatoes. i simply chop up a massive amount of rosemary and garlic, add some garlic powder, panko, olive oil, salt and pepper. i try to turn them frequently in the oven so that they are all golden-perfect.

i also treated myself and prepare some fennel-orange slaw. i love love love this with fish.

finely sliced fennel, some fennel tops, orange, lemon juice, canola oil, salt and pepper. of course, you could add more to the salad, but i like it very simple.

the pickerel was patted down and then coated with chopped fresh dill, a lot of pepper, salt and a bit of panko for crunchiness. i pan fried it with the skin, finished it with the juice of my fennel salad.

a great reward for a busy week at work!!

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