Tuesday, September 1, 2009

off to a good start

if your day starts off with this, you can think that the rest, in a culinary way, will be good. and it was.

we've been so busy that we don't have much left in the fridge.
going to the grocery store seems like time that i could spend on something else.
we have nothing left for a 'normal' weekday breakfast.
no bread.
no milk.
no cream.
no sweet surprises.
so oddly, for a week that i need 36 hours in a day, i am taking time to make breakfast.

my crazy day ended with a trip to the farm to pick up a csa basket + some goodies for work.
i am so thankful for the basket.

these little onions sent me back in time.
i am 7 years old again and in the kitchen. i am hiding and eating green onions with too much salt.
in another flashback, i am hiding once again to snack on raw beef with salt. i still crave that so much.

back to real time...
we were lucky enough to drop into the Chelsea Smokehouse before closing time.
i knew that we were getting dill in the csa box, and that equals salmon.

maybe because i am so tired but... that.salmon.was.so.good.
i skinned it and put it on the green parts of the tiny onions, the topped it with dill, closed the package and bathed it in Pimm's. i still am dreaming of it. was it the Pimm's?

we ate it with veggies

the purple carrots. the multi-colored radishes. the tasty cucumber. the perfect tomato.

and some simple arugula tossed with olive oil and balsamic.

when you have incredible ingredients to start with, you don't need much else.

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Rachelle said...

LOVE the Chelsea Smokehouse

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