Saturday, September 26, 2009

...and to end the day...

i had a very busy 'outdoors' day.

right after breakfast, i went out to start building a fence around my raspberries bushes with logs and leftover wood... i then had to scoot over to my mum's house and carry around some garden stones (as she is moving soon and i think the movers will not appreciate stacking those in their truck!). then, i came back home, unloaded her stones from my car. then went on to 'build' paths in our raspberry area with cement tiles. and then cut some trees and bushes. then took out some weeds. then, ouf. i stared at the garden and what was left of it.

herbs, tons. overgrowing. major opportunity for rosemary skewers.
green peppers. weird. so many are growing.
and so so many jalapenos.

my mind connects jalapenos with beer. snackfood.
i was time for a snack indeed.

i have to be inventive with these little guys, we have eaten so many lately.
i had some leftover corn, so i thought of fritters.

they were so yummy that simon finished his plate by the time i had one. he came running up the stairs and searching for more...

i mixed two 'corn cobs' with 6 chopped jalapenos. I took out some of the seeds.
added some cilantro, green onion, one egg white, about 3/4 cup panko.
cubed mozzarella and surrounded it with the mixture. fried until golden.

dinner was simple and delicious.
i have lots of spinach and still some ricotta... how long do these containers last?? i used it in three meals and still have ricotta left.

we had roasted veggies and nice bryson greens with spinach stuffed chicken.

the best part was the spinach: i love crispy spinach, so i 'overstuffed' the top of the chicken breast with some and brushed it with olive oil. it became all crispy-lovely as it came out of the oven.

the stuffing was a mix of ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, shallots, garlic, looooots of pepper. i did a quick sauce with kalamata olives, shallots, garlic, tomato and tossed in pea shoots just before serving.

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