Sunday, August 9, 2009

one day to rest and then...

the crazy week has begun.

i am at work this afternoon baking off the pavlovas for the big dinner monday night, anxiously awaiting an email from whichever staff that could take over the day shift tomorrow - if none can, i am stuck working in the kitchen, and a part of the evening kitchen shift also, as the group is too big for the staff that was planned... then tuesday is insane. then, well, my life spins out of control for at least three weeks.

result: you will see some simon food posts.

yesterday was the last day to rest.
i started the morning with a yummy crumble.

we had leftover strawberries and forever growing rhubarb in the garden.
i like mixing my fruit with a bit of white sugar, cinnamon and tapioca as the thickener.
the crumble was a mix of flour and oats (about half and half), butter, raw sugar and pecans.

and dinner was a 'tribute' to the V7.
V7 is the number of a dish at Pheonix du Vietnam that we used to order when we lived in Hull.
It was a simple vermicelli dish with an imitation chicken. yes, imitation chicken. it was awesome.

tonight, real chicken.

thinly sliced chicken (i slice it partially frozen, it helps), cooked in lemongrass, garlic and ginger.
I then added sweet onions, and sweet peas.
we sliced some cucumber, mint, coriander.
the sauce was a mixture of rice vinegar, fish sauce, lime juice, water, bird eye chili, soy.

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Rachelle said...

Ok, I love strawberry rhubarb anything, I especially love crumble, so this dessert sounds so delicious. I also love anything with vermicelli. Can I come over?

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