Sunday, August 16, 2009

going into the weekend...and then it's over

time flies.
i am insanely busy and try to squeeze in home made food and a social life.
i totally admit that this morning, i crave the restaurant eggs and bacon. must resist.

one thing i can't resist is buying beautiful veggies.
these beets called me on Thursday. i was walking from my office to my other workplace.
poor me, i have to pass by the market every.single.time.

they were beautiful cooked.

then, i had to walk back.
again, a calling.
i bought carrots and peaches.

got home and marinated some pork chops.
grainy mustard
chili garlic sauce (a chunky sauce that you can buy in the asian markets)
finely chopped onions
canola oil

heated up the grill, made a smoke pouch, put the smoke pouch in.
grilled the chops, some peaches and made some caramelized onions (butter, s&p, balsamic vinegar) + yellow beans with butter and lemon.

all was deliciously smokey. we basted the meat and peaches as they cooked. then, in the final stages we basted with some maple syrup.

the next day we had yummy salads of leftovers.
curried carrot salad with raisins and mint.
honey and cider vinegar beets.
spicy cucumber and smoked peaches.

next up... some yummy icy strawberry creation and flavored butter for corn.
we had a lovely croquet afternoon.

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