Wednesday, August 5, 2009

beans and hazelnuts

no picture of dinner today, but rather lunch.

a nice crisp bean salad.

walnut oil, a tad of white balsamic, hazelnuts, salt.

dinner was inspired by:
**the summer impression of the day (which i couldn't really grasp as i was in the office, in my car, in the studio, in a room on the second floor at home... ),
**gourmet magazine
**rachelle eats food blog - burgers. and as she said: you've seen a burger, you've seen them all. no need for a picture.

we tried though, some tricks from gourmet:
a small indent made with a spoon in the middle of the patty - makes it even as it cooks. no rounded patty.
i kept it simpler than usual with an addition of only 4 ingredients in the patty, simple was good.
chives, egg yolk, siracha, dijon. oh, and a surprise middle of jalapenos and havarti.
(hmmm, and bacon, cream cheese, onion, lettuce, more havarti, pickles... hey, i got a flat on my bike and had to walk for long - i was hungry!!!)


Rachelle said...

flat tires suck! i hate when that happens! you definitely made up for the crappy walk with an awesome meal!

marysol said...

first flat tire in my life. hundreds of miles of road and hills and forest and never a flat...

yay burgers. i remembers the worst hike in my life ended with a great burger too.

Rachelle said...

food is my reward for EVERYTHING i do.

marysol said...

hmmm. and drink.
give me sparkling.

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