Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what to do with chicken

even though i was off from work all of last week, we did not have much in the fridge...
that usually results in me emailing simon with the question: what to do you want to eat for dinner?

in another world (or another couple) that would be the ideal question.
-i'm sorry, are you asking me what i would like to eat, as in, anything?
-yeah, go crazy, what do you want to eat?
-i can pick anything?
-go right ahead.

after that many years together, it does not make simon giddy anymore. he finds that it is like a task... what does he really really want to eat?

I usually give him a starting point. some leftover, something frozen (i tend to buy bigger cuts of meat and divide + freeze). Today, it was chicken.

Chicken. so vast. so many possibilities. and i blasted him with all of them.
it's like playing guess who. you eliminate. you get closer to the answer.
spicy? spicy asian? spicy mexican? with what side, rice? pasta?

tonight, we couldn't agree. we were sitting in the car and it was just not happening.
simon: spicy mexican, like jalapenos. oh, i picked one in the garden!
marysol: great!!! do you want cheddar with that? like a fajitas type thing?
simon: no.
marysol:what then?
simon: um, i don't know.

we stopped at the grocery store and i said i wanted cherries. a few people around me mentionned cherries and i was lost under a tree of them. so we tried a happy combination of cherries, chicken, goat cheese.

I started by putting the sauce on. about one cup of balsamic vinegar, 1 cup of cherries (more would have been great!!), honey, rosemary, thyme, pepper. simmer, reduce until syrupy.

then i caramelized some onions.

mixed goat cheese with chopped rosemary, thyme, cream, s+p. stuffed the chicken with it.
I quickly seared the chicken breasts in my onion pan with some olive oil, then into a deep dish, onions on top, and then carefully poured the sauce and cherries on the side. In the oven at 425.

served with a potato mash (much simon love here, see The Pile! we are quite fond of tiny raw onion bits mixed in, with chives... as long as we have some in the yard.) and a salad.

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Rachelle said...

oh my god, what a mouthwatering impromptu meal! that looks soooooo good!

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