Monday, July 13, 2009

a week off... where did it go?

Going back to work today and I don't even want to think of the pile of emails, recipes to correct and calls to return... I think this is mostly because I didn't feel like I had a week off. I planned on gardening, painting, having drinks in the sun - but, as always, unexpected guests, and unexpected events.

I weeded out the garden late afternoon as we bid goodbye to our guests...tomatoes growing (roma are getting big!)

and lebanese cucumbers (the only ones that matter!)

We have so much lettuce, even though we have given some to friends, that I had to compost some... so sad.

So I finally sat down with a martini after playing in the garden and had the moment I had been dreaming of all week - plain old doin' nothin'. We slowly prepared dinner, a great plate of fresh veggies, garlic from Jean-Talon Market. We love garlic - we eat it raw.

Then made a nice bowl of pasta with all the lovely herbs in our garden. Our raspberries bushes are red red red... so we ate berries with cream for dessert - delightful.

It is incredible to be able to eat so many little things that come from our backyard. This house is slowly becoming our home, room by room, and flower to vegetable.

did some food for the girls at Victoire on Saturday, they took a lot of pictures, i am guessing they will post those soon. here are the bunnies as i was decorating them

and the only picture i could manage that evening - i was in a dark basement... and could not plug in the light and the grill at the same time!!!

some yummy watermelon gazpacho with homemade chili oil.

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