Sunday, July 26, 2009

saturday night treat

once in awhile, simon gathers up the courage to prepare a meal for me. this was the case last night, i was so delighted that i even skipped the afternoon nachos with friends in a nearby pub not to ruin my appetite.

i was famished (after a lengthy walk in the neighborhood in search of houses for sale with our friends) and reminded myself of a vulture. I was snooping around the kitchen, waiting for scraps of food - isn't this totally guy behavior?

luckily, simon was working in the corner, so i couldn't get my hands on 'his' food.

he made delicious pasta (fresh) with red onion, baby yellow tomatoes (from our garden), serrano ham, italian parley (also from the garden), in a yummy creamy garlic and parmesan sauce.

i ate so fast i thought my tummy would burst. and then we still had pie.

i made a pie with rhubarb and raspberries from our yard, and added some blueberries. we scooped some ice cream over it and it was heavenly. then, i fell asleep on simon lap :)



Rachelle said...

ha! that's like me. takes a lot of courage to cook for my husband.

marysol said...

ha ha, that is why you are invited to cooking classes!!

Anonymous said...

ok... so when can i get invited for dinner? that sounds wonderful ... fresh pasta - oh how it makes my heart swell and tastes so delicious. you two sound like you had the perfect evening!

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