Friday, July 24, 2009

pub food at home

because i am a mildly obsessive person, i 'lost' more than 2 hours of my day on my knees, making all the cracks and holes disappear in the basement... then, no fancy dinner could top this day, it had to 'manly'.

we realized that i had never done chicken wings at home.
i am not one to pick that on the menu when we go out... i despise fatty ones, don't like the greasiness of others, the fake red sauce.

when a very long relationship ended some years ago, my friends had a plan to lift my spirits... every friday we went out for wings at a different pub. oh, i had enough. big ones, mammoth ones, tiny ones - i mostly remember ending the evening pretty tipsy as i never ate many, they really grossed me out, so did the fake fries in most of those places. (but i really appreciate the effort guys!!)

we aimed for pub.
veggies and dip (blue cheese), potatoes and spicy wings.
simon was true and drank beer - i was girly and went for rosé.

i suspect simon could live off potatoes alone for about two months.
mashes, smashed, scalloped, pavé, roasted, bbq'd...
i usually make these with regular yukon, not baby ones - and serve them with a really garlicky dip.

just whiz together olive oil, rosemary (we have an unlimited quantity in the garden it seems!), garlic, s&p, garlic powder, breadcrumbs. coat and cook turning frequently.

for the wings, i whizzed together: a tomato, 4 cloves garlic, garlic powder, part of a crazy dried hot pepper from a mexican shop in montreal, dried chipotle, cayenne, brown sugar, siracha, s&p. when they were almost done, i took them out, coated with some diana sauce and some more siracha. crunchy and gooey.

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