Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i want pasta!

i've worked the past two evenings. that means:
a) i don't really eat during the day because i try to do my office work in the most efficient way
b) i eat after the event, when the clients are gone. cold. and sometimes, that turns me off. and i'm grumpy.

a + b applied to yesterday.
i forgot my lunch in the toaster over in our office because i was in such a hurry to go to the cooking studio, did the set-up for the night event, survived the evening, then got to my crazy steak sandwich and didn't feel like it. I ate a nectarine instead, and blue cheese leftovers.

when i got home, simon was really hungry and actually made himself some pasta. i was so surprised... but too tired to eat any. and grumpy still.

so i slept. woke up. ate some banana bread that i had done the morning before. then had a melon soup for lunch. came back home, went for a bike ride to enjoy the sun and the marina, pulled out weeds... and was starving.

i was craving pasta so bad.

so we had veal (is it piccata??) in a white wine and lemon-caper sauce with pasta (fresh peas and smoked bacon!!!! ... and shallots, green onion, white wine, cream)

i get so excited when i see fresh peas on the market. i bought a ton today.

that makes me smile.
that and guinea pigs eating watermelon, eh Candice?

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