Thursday, June 25, 2009

summer salads begin

we try to eat salads in summer, both of us really enjoy the feeling of not being completely stuffed after dinner and find we forget to prepare some in winter...

i skip lettuce at the grocery store a lot in winter and in general, i get really tired of the flavorless 'spring mix' they sell. Even the roquette and arugula are tasteless once you have had the pleasure of crunching away at Bryson Farm greens.

but, wait, ta-da! lettuce from our garden!!!

it is really tasty and crunchy, i am so pleased. i was a bit concerned that it would be limp, so far, so good!!

we grilled a really thick pork chop, marinated in soy, ginger, oil, honey.
raspberries, red onion, lebanese cucumber.
the vinaigrette was delicate olive oil, raspberry vinegar, white balsamic, grainy mustard, garlic, orange juice.

oh, and a snail from out garden...

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