Thursday, June 18, 2009

a night alone...

what to do on a night alone...
for one, i took some time to draw. then i thought i should eat, nearing 9pm and still not a bite.
as simon is not home, i am preparing the obvious: rice.

i ate so much rice in my twenties. i moved out of my then-boyfriend's house and was living alone for about 2 years. being a manager in an art store, rice was all i could afford. (I guess that is how they prepare you for life as a real artist...). i love rice. plain jasmine rice. plain sticky rice. plain basmati rice.

tonight, it is jasmine with the beef leftover from last night and some avocado. stir a little soy sauce, water, sriracha and hoisin together and voilà! make me happy.

last night's meal was wonderful too though.

a few days ago, i stopped by herb and spice for work... as i stepped in, i saw these adorable little asparagus.

candice (the main chef at work) and I once chatted about seeing these and just finding them too expensive to buy without remorse. I have no remorse nor second thoughts about gifts!!! So I bought these beauties for candice.
she just laughed when i gave them to her and said that she had recently splurged and gotten some. did i try them yet? she asked. no. so she gave them back. they were delighful and worth 8$ for the bunch.

after what seemed like The-Never-Ending-Bike-Ride, simon and i stopped at the grocery store next to the house and bought some beef. i was initially dreaming of fish, but after such a grueling ride home, i felt a bit more carnivorous.

i marinated it as soon as we stepped in. and had a glass of rosé...

simple marinade: soy, oil, garlic, steak spices. hop on the grill, with some nice potatoes. i cooked the asparagus with a bit of butter, lemon juice and zest. a little leftover sauce, and it was heaven.

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