Thursday, June 25, 2009

summer salads begin

we try to eat salads in summer, both of us really enjoy the feeling of not being completely stuffed after dinner and find we forget to prepare some in winter...

i skip lettuce at the grocery store a lot in winter and in general, i get really tired of the flavorless 'spring mix' they sell. Even the roquette and arugula are tasteless once you have had the pleasure of crunching away at Bryson Farm greens.

but, wait, ta-da! lettuce from our garden!!!

it is really tasty and crunchy, i am so pleased. i was a bit concerned that it would be limp, so far, so good!!

we grilled a really thick pork chop, marinated in soy, ginger, oil, honey.
raspberries, red onion, lebanese cucumber.
the vinaigrette was delicate olive oil, raspberry vinegar, white balsamic, grainy mustard, garlic, orange juice.

oh, and a snail from out garden...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

pictures that we meant to take...

this is so typical of us.
we are not natural kodak-kids.

we celebrated father's day yesterday.
to simon's parents great pleasure, they were invited to our house for dinner.
a change they might get used to... we did not have a great apartment for 'formal' dinners as we lived in a very noisy neighbourhood, and had only but a small table. and scary stairs. and scary neighbours.

we still have a small table.
but we now also have a wonderful back yard.

we put the camera out and were ready to picture it all. we thought about it during the cheese course, when it was getting dark...

this morning though, ta-da! leftovers!
well, left over piece. one lonely piece.

i thought i should share the recipe for this cheesecake...
i was in such a hurry yesterday that i had no time for complicated elements. i had much painting to do this weekend and have no mercy from the gallery.

so, as we agreed to the dinner on friday night, i was in a bit of a panic. (i often am)
i went to do the groceries at about 8h45 on saturday. 9h30ish i was home. 10h00 the cake was done. how quick is that???

i do admit that i am used to baking. multitasking. tasting in my head different flavour combinations... i work, i paint, and i think of dinner. of breakfast. of our lunches. i should do a series on our lunches! i would say we buy lunch about once a month - the rest is homemade, rarely day-before leftovers.


you will need:
a 9 inch springform pan (or deep dish pie pan)
1 brick of cream cheese (stay away from the diet stuff, it eats at your brain)
1 can of eagle brand condensed milk
1 lemon
graham crackers (or the practical little box of the already crushed stuff)
a bit of sugar
fruit, lots :)

i start by mixing some graham crackers with melted butter and about 2 tsp of sugar. just enough butter for it to bind. you can put more sugar, but i like my crust not to be too sweet.

pack the mixture in the springform pan and throw it in the oven (yes, you throw when you are in a hurry). cook until just browning around the edges, about 15 minutes at 350.

in a kitchenaid, mix the cream cheese, the condensed milk and lemon juice and zest. i usually juice half the lemon, zest the whole. spread on top of the cooked graham crust. once set (about 1 hour in the fridge), decorate with berries. put back in the fridge for it to set. Glaze with apricot jam (diluted in a bit of water, heated) if desired. though the next day it doesn't look as good ;)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a night alone...

what to do on a night alone...
for one, i took some time to draw. then i thought i should eat, nearing 9pm and still not a bite.
as simon is not home, i am preparing the obvious: rice.

i ate so much rice in my twenties. i moved out of my then-boyfriend's house and was living alone for about 2 years. being a manager in an art store, rice was all i could afford. (I guess that is how they prepare you for life as a real artist...). i love rice. plain jasmine rice. plain sticky rice. plain basmati rice.

tonight, it is jasmine with the beef leftover from last night and some avocado. stir a little soy sauce, water, sriracha and hoisin together and voilà! make me happy.

last night's meal was wonderful too though.

a few days ago, i stopped by herb and spice for work... as i stepped in, i saw these adorable little asparagus.

candice (the main chef at work) and I once chatted about seeing these and just finding them too expensive to buy without remorse. I have no remorse nor second thoughts about gifts!!! So I bought these beauties for candice.
she just laughed when i gave them to her and said that she had recently splurged and gotten some. did i try them yet? she asked. no. so she gave them back. they were delighful and worth 8$ for the bunch.

after what seemed like The-Never-Ending-Bike-Ride, simon and i stopped at the grocery store next to the house and bought some beef. i was initially dreaming of fish, but after such a grueling ride home, i felt a bit more carnivorous.

i marinated it as soon as we stepped in. and had a glass of rosé...

simple marinade: soy, oil, garlic, steak spices. hop on the grill, with some nice potatoes. i cooked the asparagus with a bit of butter, lemon juice and zest. a little leftover sauce, and it was heaven.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lunch today.

chard, olive oil, lemon + lime zest, l&l juices. delicious.
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