Wednesday, July 2, 2008

veggie bbq

I always complain about vegetarian stuff... but the reality is that we eat vegetarian a lot of the time. I believe I just often anticipate that it will be bland when I eat it elsewhere.

We were invited to an all veggie bbq not long ago, I actually thought I'd be blown away. But. No. Thank God we had no time to make food, we would have arrived there like aliens with our little fancy-schmancy creations!!!

I ate a quarter of a veggie dog. And starved until we got home. Blandness kingdom.


Tonight I did nice little polenta bites.
Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

Form little patties of polenta or buy that tube stuff. There is some nice organic one available and even some flavoured one (I bought plain to add my own seasonings...)

For a vinaigrette, I pureed with a hand blender some parsley, basil and oregano, garlic, sundried tomatoes, a bit of parmesan, pepper and olive oil.

I put the patties on the bbq, brushed them with the vinaigrette. Also put on the grill some roma tomatoes and portabello mushroom. Brushed those with the vinaigrette. Once one side of the polenta seems crispy, turn it over. Brush some more. Take out the mushroom and tomatoes, slice and put on top of the polenta patties. I then added some provolone and goat cheese. Yum.

We ate those with a nice chilled almond and cucumber soup.

And now, there is some strawberry rhubarb pie in the oven!


Passionate About Baking said...

Saw this at Foodgawker Mary...& am always on for a veggie option! I love the flavours here...YUM al the way!!

marysol said...

Thank you!

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