Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday's Lost Dinners

We had resisted the whole 'Lost' phenomenon for a long time. Then, we discovered surfthechannel and gobbled all the episodes at once, to our grand despair... Then, we bought a tv.

Our Thursday nights are now Lost Nights.
The purchase of this new tv coincided with the beginning of the 4th season.
A new ritual...The Feast.

I usually stop at a charcuterie and cheese shop near my work and load up on favorites and new discoveries... Then, go to the organic place and buy full of veggies. Our evening always starts with crudités and then we hop to the indulgence part.

The indulgence part this week was somewhat more healthy than cheese and meat...

Along with tzaziki, hummus and a lemon-green onion dip, we had lemony-garlic baby potatoes

Yummy yummy yummy parsnip bites

And spicy Chinese eggplant to roll in fresh pita.

The potato part is a must with Simon, just can't escape it. They take on a different for each week... This week was really straightforward: garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest, lots of pepper.

Parnips were heaven. I've always been very fond of parsnip... When I was little, I asked my mum for 'carottes blanches' all the time (white carrots), I mostly ate them raw.

As I roasted the parsnip, I simmered some light cream with half a vanilla bean. Then mashed the parsnip with the cream and some butter, salt and pepper. Chilled it so that I could form little balls. Rolled them into bread crumbs and fried them. Yum.

The eggplant was sauteed with a lot of garlic and matchsticks of ginger, and sweet onions. Then I added yellow zucchini, mushroom, and orange sweet pepper. To finish, along with some vegetable broth, part of a chopped chili pepper, ginger-garlic sauce, chili garlic sauce and honey. It was so soft and perfect rolled in pita...

For the sweet ending: starfruit, fresh pineapple, blood oranges...baklava & maamoul.

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