Friday, August 18, 2000

A Little Award Thingie

Holly, the fabulous wine enthusiast behind Wine Out Loud, has nominated me for this award.

I feel just like in grade school and I am now 'it', like in a game of tag.

Rules? Thank the person giving it to you (Merci Holly, let's have a drink soon), say 7 things about yourself (I've recently done this, so you can click here for more serious stuff on me - I am very tired these days and feel silly, so today will be silly.) and, last but not least, nominate blogs that you have recently discovered and love. I will focus on food blogs.


1. I can never make up my mind in front of a menu. I usually pray & hope, silently, that the server come quickly, then I just point to an item on the menu. Then I am safe and cannot change my mind. Unless I start running after the server (and it has happened)

2. I have a love affair with power tools. I used a hedge trimmer yesterday, I had cedar in my hair, in my dress, and loved every minute of it. I wish my cooking involved more man-tools.

3. Sushi. all. you. can. eat. If you want to bribe me, this is a hint. I stuff my face until my tummy hurts, then I am very vulnerable.

4. My Iphone turned me into a kid-kodak. I hide behind it and am not shy in situations where I would usually be.

5. I am not good with names, so so with faces and mostly think that people do not recognize me - so if I don't say hi, please don't be insulted. You come say hi. I am shy, and when you recognize me, I will feel foolish.

6. I don't sleep a lot, but when I do, I can sleep anywhere. I curl up in a ball and nothing can wake me up. Give me hardwood stairs in a New Year's Day gathering, really. With kids screaming. Two years in a row.

7. Stripes. Give me stripes. Clothing. Linen. Shoes. Even on kitties. Stripes rock.

Les Autres...

The Twisted Chef. My newest discovery. She bakes and bakes and bakes.

If music be the food of love, play on. Some of you might know Anne, she tweets a lot. And she cooks and cooks and cooks.

Equal Opportunity Kitchen
. I love this blog. Recipes that you want to try out, that don't scare you and that you could trust doing for the first time even if you have guests arriving in two hours.

Kirsten's Kitchen
. I just wish this girl lived closer to me, we would eat together a lot. And we would eat vegan and I would not even notice. (Cravings of bacon would progressively increase though...)

The meat and potatoes foodie. Another girl who lives too far away...

Everybody likes sandwiches. A great blog that I don't go see often enough. This is a reminder to myself.

Meat, Roots and Leaves. I fell in love with this blog when the person writing it described his 'cleaning out the freezer' adventure. It felt like home to me.
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