Friday, August 18, 2000

A Little Award Thingie

Holly, the fabulous wine enthusiast behind Wine Out Loud, has nominated me for this award.

I feel just like in grade school and I am now 'it', like in a game of tag.

Rules? Thank the person giving it to you (Merci Holly, let's have a drink soon), say 7 things about yourself (I've recently done this, so you can click here for more serious stuff on me - I am very tired these days and feel silly, so today will be silly.) and, last but not least, nominate blogs that you have recently discovered and love. I will focus on food blogs.


1. I can never make up my mind in front of a menu. I usually pray & hope, silently, that the server come quickly, then I just point to an item on the menu. Then I am safe and cannot change my mind. Unless I start running after the server (and it has happened)

2. I have a love affair with power tools. I used a hedge trimmer yesterday, I had cedar in my hair, in my dress, and loved every minute of it. I wish my cooking involved more man-tools.

3. Sushi. all. you. can. eat. If you want to bribe me, this is a hint. I stuff my face until my tummy hurts, then I am very vulnerable.

4. My Iphone turned me into a kid-kodak. I hide behind it and am not shy in situations where I would usually be.

5. I am not good with names, so so with faces and mostly think that people do not recognize me - so if I don't say hi, please don't be insulted. You come say hi. I am shy, and when you recognize me, I will feel foolish.

6. I don't sleep a lot, but when I do, I can sleep anywhere. I curl up in a ball and nothing can wake me up. Give me hardwood stairs in a New Year's Day gathering, really. With kids screaming. Two years in a row.

7. Stripes. Give me stripes. Clothing. Linen. Shoes. Even on kitties. Stripes rock.

Les Autres...

The Twisted Chef. My newest discovery. She bakes and bakes and bakes.

If music be the food of love, play on. Some of you might know Anne, she tweets a lot. And she cooks and cooks and cooks.

Equal Opportunity Kitchen
. I love this blog. Recipes that you want to try out, that don't scare you and that you could trust doing for the first time even if you have guests arriving in two hours.

Kirsten's Kitchen
. I just wish this girl lived closer to me, we would eat together a lot. And we would eat vegan and I would not even notice. (Cravings of bacon would progressively increase though...)

The meat and potatoes foodie. Another girl who lives too far away...

Everybody likes sandwiches. A great blog that I don't go see often enough. This is a reminder to myself.

Meat, Roots and Leaves. I fell in love with this blog when the person writing it described his 'cleaning out the freezer' adventure. It felt like home to me.

Friday, March 24, 2000

Kreativ Award, Yippee!

Now, isn't this lovely...
A fellow blogger, well, bloggers, with much experience, a very large following and very meticulous writing skills, out-of-the-blue gave me an award. I am past flattered.

Don and Jenn nominated this blog for the Kreativ awards. Thank you thank you thank you. If you don't follow their blog, Foodie Prints, you need to: they will bring you up to speed on food in Ottawa. Twittering and twittering away too. It's happening, Don knows it.

I am also blushing because two other award winners are Rachelle and Shari - ladies that I deeply admire. Rachelle Eats Food always makes you smile and you want to be by Rachelle's side, simply because it always seems like fun. Whisk transports you into a dreamworld, time stands still and you are hypnotized by the food - sometimes, even though I try to read, my eyes automatically go back to the pictures.

And, before I hop into the Fat of the blog, I want to thank my sweet Simon - without him and his love of food, I would not be cooking this much. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear him say that my food is the best. (I don't care if he stays with me just for that, ha ha.)

Like many bloggers' awards, this one comes with rules and encourages bloggers to get to know one another.
  1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.
  2. Copy the award logo and place it on your blog.
  3. Link the person who has nominated you for the award.
  4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
  5. Nominate 7 other Kreativ Bloggers.
  6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
  7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know they have been nominated.
Since I don't know where to start, let me start with the beginning of food in my life and tell you who I am. I've never really done this and Don spilled the beans on where I work - so might as well give you the lowdown.

I started working with food when I was 14. Doing fruits salads, and green salads, and a lot of fun things in a store similar to Market Fresh and Farm Boy. At 16, I got my first restaurant job at Le Twist, a very popular burger spot in Hull. Then, it just snowballed. I replaced a pastry chef who retired. Then my boss sadly passed away and I took on her job as well. I was working at least 12 hours a day, 6 days a week - and I loved it. I took on a job in Old Chelsea, juggled that with Ottawa restaurants part time. Then I started having wrist problems and stepped out of the kitchen (kitchens, many many kitchens - as Ottawa Hull did not seem to have pastry chefs, I worked in a few places simply doing sweets...)

I returned to food when my father passed away. I had taken almost a year off and wanted to do something that I loved, something that made me happy. I hoped and prayed to get a job with a certain catering company - and another hired me instead, and I had a blast! I met great people (André, Isabelle, Michael, Tracy and Heather, big hugs!), worked under a different type of pressure and saw many many houses, cooked in multiple pots and pans. Then I found my home for the years to come, a place with values similar to mine, a vision ... I was asked to apply for a coordinator job at the urban element. I haven't really cooked in years now, but I am constantly surrounded by amazing food. Talking about food with clients, watching events unfold, other chefs doing their magic, smelling, tasting - this has made me enjoy making food at home a lot more, and that is when this blog started. But here's a secret: I miss the pressure of kitchens a lot, being invisible, working hard, quick and satisfying results.

Little oddities:

*I am truly afraid of fire. If I smell something burning, I stop everything and search for the cause. In my house, at work, even in my neighborhood. Something about burning houses shatter my heart.

*I go out at night and spray earwigs with soapy water in my garden. With a flashlight stuck to my head. And I usually whisper to them. My neighbors must think I am nuts.

*I love retro. I have a pale blue scooter, a 1920's bicycle and I would wear poofy polka-dot dresses every day with huge swept-up hair. Proof:

*I get really excited when winter comes around! I can sit and stare at snow falling for hours in my snowsuit. Yes, even if I am an adult. Another thing to add to my case for the neighbors.

*In my spare time (ha ha ha, spare time?) I paint and draw. I just have to, it is stronger than me. I have a fascination with twins, they often make appearances. A piece of me:

*When I was 22-23 years old and worked the most with sweets, I weighed about 85lbs. Proof that working with sugar does not make you fat! I was a very intense runner for years though, at my peak, I ran about 10-15K/6 days a week.

*I stayed away from meat for two years (after reading tooooo many books...) and gave in one Christmas night. (Curse you bacon!!!) Kudos to all the vegans out there - I could never ever be that strict, I love milk way too much. A solid treat for me is a glass of fatty Organic Meadows before I go to sleep.

Who do I read? A lot of blogs... We don't watch television (it is cleverly hidden), but we 'waste' a lot of time on the computer. Here are some I thought need to be noticed, some that may not get all the attention right now and that you should discover. Alphabetically.

Asha makes food look tasty. Asha makes me want to sit down for a second dinner. No fussy-fancy stuff, I know I could try a recipe anytime and it would turn out.

Ciboulette et cie
I have worked with André a while ago and we always had a hoot while catering... and now he is on his own!! It is fascinating to follow him as he opens his food shop. Bon courage mon homme!

My dear friend Nicole knits and knits and knits. And amazes me. She does cook a lot, but here she posts only about knitting.

Cream and Sugar
Rhianna and Jill are two very swinging girls and they love themed parties - how to resist?

Eat Make Read
Kelly lives in Brooklyn and she loves polka dots. I love that her recipes are always so fresh, and she sometimes posts drinks - perfect for my mind to wander into a 50's dreamland.

Eva's Food World
I just adore Eva, she is so honest. I love people who say that recipes don't always turn out, that restaurants are not always up to the hype, and that no, she had never tasted that before.

Happy Little Bento
There is a cute side to me and this is where I get my fix. Sherimiya prepares her bento boxes with love and explains all the steps, talks about nutrition, balancing colors - after all, we do eat with our eyes too!

To discover:

The Food
I had to include Marc-André. It is not a blog per say, but it is a fabulous window for food blogging. Thanks on behalf of all of us on the blogroll!
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